Engenders a rainbow energy that clears and activates all chakras.  There is information here that can help us to remember our flawlessness nature and can bring to 

consciousness things we have learned on our travels through time and space.  Astral  journeys and literal journeys are protected; the native americans and ancients used 

golden-yellow jasper to assist and protect in travel spiritual and physical.  Grounding you to the earth this is a supreme nurturer that can join the energies of the physical with 

the ethereal.  Balances reactivity with activity; by calming outer body and stimulating third-eye for visioning and channeling.  A solid anchor for our 1st (root) and 3rd (will) 

chakras as well as a stimulator for our divine and higher-self's information feed. 

Will and Grace Mala SOLD

  • Information

    Golden Calcite, Yellow Jasper, Pineapple Agate and Brass Elephant Pendant

    Vibrates to # 6, 7, 8, 9

    Cancer, Leo, Gemini

    Measures 21" in length