Our lives are unique orchestrations of experiences that call to us for meaning and expression.



Ceremony and ritual have been used for centuries to access this wealth of information waiting inside each of us.  I believe they have the power to help us in transforming beyond our limiting beliefs and ailments, into our fullest embodiment.  Spirit Speaker offerings are a reflection of ritual and ceremony that speak to my spirit and it’s need for evolution.  They have been born from my life journey into healing and holding space for others.  Created to assist you on the personal path to health, freedom, balance, joy and bountiful living. When the spirit can find freedom from time and space, it can speak it’s unique expression.  My malas, elixirs, gemstones, incense and services are handcrafted from the heart.  I love creating these offerings for you and sharing part of your journey in this sacred life.  There are many paths to health; the key is to find the ones that speak to your spirit and it’s needs.

The quote below reflects my intuition about our nature as human beings and how we can keep ourselves free and our spirit alive.  

Water changes shape and even form,

but keeps its essence.

River changes water and even course,

but keeps its essence.

Trust the unchanging in changing

Be like water and river.

Moving and staying, changing and unchanging

Know and Soften

Soften and change

Change and endure

Be like water

Think like river


- Tao of Relationship


"You can’t get beyond the body unless you free the body itself." -Ida Rolf

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"Not only is my Mala a beautiful piece of art, it brings me a sense of peace when I use it during meditation. - Vanessa Braito

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"Aspen Mountain Yoga was one of the best yoga experiences I've ever had- Thank you Tammy!" -B Ross

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                                    is the evolution of my journey through healing.  In my twenties, I had a succession of injuries that resulted in chronic pain but ultimately helped inspire me to redirect my career to wellness, learning massage.  

My training and career have been the recovery platform for every injury I have ever sustained.  I live pain free and feel confident that anything can be healed if approached at the right time, with the right touch and intention.  The greatest gift of massage and energy work is the awareness it brings.  By listening, we ignite that awareness so answers to our individual body maps can be revealed; allowing us access to our optimal state of health.


My work has evolved from diagnostic clinical massage, using anatomical protocols and biomechanics, into an exploration of the body, mind and spirit.  I work to deliver results driven sessions, accessing mechanical anatomy as well as five channels of information: inner ear, inner eye, vagus nerve, air, and the heart.  My career has led me to clinical rehabilitation, special needs populations, competitive and pro athlete maintenance, day spa services, holistic wellness centers, 5 Star Resorts, spa management, teacher assistant positions, international wellness services and independent practice.  I have been actively helping people through body and energy work for over 17 years now.  


Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Release are the two modalities that changed my life so many years ago.  I have found them to be indispensable for function and recovery.  In my practice, I also offer Thai, Hot Stone and Ayurvedic treatments, delivered as ritual, embodying ceremony and addressing the mind, body and spirit.  I am currently furthering my studies in craniosacral therapy with Visionary Craniosacral certification through Hugh Milne Institute as well as exploring Shamanic practices.  I am dedicated to helping you achieve your highest potential for health, happiness and your spirit's evolution! 

I feel honored to explore the possibilities held within the quote below.  


It is possible to see what another person needs, and give it to them.

                                                                               -Suzuki Roshi

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